And on the Fringe…

If you're in the Rochester area, you probably heard the news last week that Rochester is joining the growing number of cities to host a fringe festival, celebrating the performing and visual arts. A quick glance at provided a fascinating bit of history about fringe festivals: "In 1947, eight theatre groups turned up – … Continue reading And on the Fringe…


Grandpa’s Other Snake???

The title of Geva's 40th anniversary season opener was almost Foxy Grandpa. Or Money in the Bank. Or The King is Naked. Or Grandpa's Other Snake. Fortunately, Beatrice Kaufman, George S. Kaufman's wife, prevailed, and You Can't Take It With You was off and running. Rehearsals for our production begin in just over a month, which … Continue reading Grandpa’s Other Snake???

Summertime at Geva

What, you are certainly asking yourself, does the staff of a non-profit, regional theatre like Geva do during the summers? There haven't been any blog posts for several weeks, so where are they? Are they at the beach? Are they taking fascinating luxurious vacations through exotic lands? Are they sitting by a pool, waited on … Continue reading Summertime at Geva