Jim Poulos of YCTIWY turns 40….just now!


Ms. Caffera Goes to Washington

Each year, Geva's Summer Academy focuses on a specific genre of theatre rotating between Shakespeare, Musical Theatre or Contemporary Theatre. Following the culmination of the 2010 Summer Academy, which focused on Contemporary Theatre, the 30 students enjoyed the remainder of the summer with their friends and families before heading back to school in the fall. … Continue reading Ms. Caffera Goes to Washington

Why Do You Vote? Record a video and tell us.

The national 44 PRESIDENTS festival is putting together a campaign to collect videos answering the simple question: why do you vote? Read more about it here: http://playsforpresidents.com/tell-us-why-you-vote/ and to see my answer as to why I vote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fgbmDxe8MI&feature=plcp Now pull out your camera, or laptop and tell us. Why do you vote? Sean

Civil War Battlefield Art and a Nude Ben Franklin

In studying our history for 44 PLAYS FOR PRESIDENTS you find a lot of sad things, and a lot of ridiculous things also, so I present two for you. I found this beautiful National Geographic exhibit on Civil War Battlefield Art that was created during the Civil War. Here's their description: "Living alongside the troops, … Continue reading Civil War Battlefield Art and a Nude Ben Franklin

Teddy arrives to preside over 44 PLAYS rehearsal

Today in 44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS' rehearsal we got a new mascot. A Teddy Roosevelt bobble-head, yes, they do exist. Teddy, who used to read a book a day before breakfast, would approve of all the hard work going into the show. (though we tend to eat breakfast before starting) Also, notice all the … Continue reading Teddy arrives to preside over 44 PLAYS rehearsal

Check out a behind the scenes video of rehearsal for 44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS.

Click below to see the fantastic video by Johannes Bockwoldt Behind the scenes of 44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS To learn more about the 30 minute documentary about creating the first Fringe Festival in Rochester, NY  go to www.indiegogo.com/Fringe-Rochester