Hello from the new guy

Hey friends,

Sean Daniels here. It’s my first day as the Director of Artistic Engagement at Geva. The big kids totally showed me where to have lunch, and I haven’t got lost yet.

But more importantly, what will I be doing for you? Think of me as your friendly tour guide thru the artistic process – to see how the sausage is made, and to learn more of the personal stories of our artists.

You know how the Olympics make you wanna cry at every other story? You watch the story of how athletes train for years, overcomes hardship, then achieves greatness and BAM, cue tears. The same thing happens with every show in our building, so we wanna tell you about it.

Jenni Werner has been posting some super smart insight to the plays, and I’m here to only add to that. The yin to her yang. The chocolate to her peanut butter. The Kaufman to her Hart. You see how this is going.
What do you have to do? Just check back when you can, and we’ll have tons of content for you.…though you don’t have to cry at everything…unless you want. We won’t judge.

Also, want to hear about more or less of any one thing? Sdaniels@gevatheatre.org is my e-mail address – drop me a note…think of me as your inside guy on how it all goes down at Geva.



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