Back In The (former) U.S.S.R.

Hey friends,

Day One is wrapping up of the Baltic-American Playwrights Conference trip.

After three flights we are in Tallinn, Estonia. Huzzah!

Jessie Wortham, one of my all time favorite people, brunnettes and actors got in at the same time as me so we walked around in an attempt to beat the jet-lag. Hydrate, coffee and walk was the plan….after taking the red-eye here last night I think we’re champs for making it thru the day.

So, The team is finally all together (playwright got in from Finland, other actors arrived) – in the morning we take a bus, a two hour boat and another bus to make it to Hiiumaa Island where the workshop is. Then we’ll meet the other artistic teams, and start getting to work on making our show….Double Huzzah!

Here’s some pics from arriving and today’s jet-lag fueled walk-about.

More tomorrow as we dive in.









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