Making the good lookin’ look good (via costumes)

More fantastic costume sketches are coming in for YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU – designed and sketched by Pamela Scofield.  Check out the detail and notes that go into each character to make sure they are juuuuust right.

Also, I sat in on rehearsal this morning (Friday), and I can tell you that this is one incredibly tightly wound piece of comedy. I kept thinking that it could be an episode of Arrested Development. A crazy family with a ridiculous patriarch trying to stick it to the man. I laughed out loud several times, and usually comedies aren’t funny till week two…(too much math of where people stand and who speaks next…) but this is already comedy gold.

I can’t wait to see how adding in these colorful costumes to these already colorful (read: insane) characters takes the show to the next level. ImageImageImage


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