From 44 PRESIDENTS’ actress Chrissy Rose.


We have now finished the Fringe Festival run of the show, and last night one final preview, and so it is with the feeling that we are halfway through the run that we prepare for Geva’s official opening of the show tonight at 7:00.  However, that feeling does not diminish the excitement I feel about the event.  By this point we all know that theatre needs an audience; that the people in the seats are an integral part of what this art form is.  One of my favorite things to hear before a show was always this one phrase a fellow actor used to say: “never take for granted your opportunity to perform.”  Getting to share your work is an amazing feeling, something that is being driven home for me in a new way as I perform at Geva.  This theatre has an advantage over Todd in terms of the…

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Geva staff trains for race

To follow up on Dawn's post the other day, I wanted to share some additional glimpses behind the scenes, as we prepare for the Eastman House Photo Finish 5K race. This year five Geva staffers, including yours truly, will get up in the wee hours of the morning, make our way to downtown Rochester, and … Continue reading Geva staff trains for race

Get Your Sneakers On!

On October 6, Team Geva will be participating in the George Eastman House PhotoFinish 5K. The goal of the event is to raise funds for the Eastman House and other Rochester not-for-profit organizations, of which Geva is one. This event embodies Mr. Eastman's philanthropic spirit along with his ideals of health and wellness.Over 1,000 people … Continue reading Get Your Sneakers On!

My Session with the Doctor

With You Can't Take It With You happily occupying the mainstage and 44 Plays for 44 Presidents campaigning for your laughter and applause in the Nextstage, we head back upstairs to the rehearsal room for our first session with the doctor.  Freud, that is... Rehearsals for Freud's Last Session began yesterday and at first glance, you might think that the … Continue reading My Session with the Doctor

2nd performance of 44 PLAYS: Another easy Obama victory

2nd preview. 1st matinee. Another sold out house. For the voting at the end of the play: This time there were more votes for Romney, but still an easy victory for Obama. We continue to tweak the show, and work on sound, and consistency, but the cast is getting more comfortable and we are working … Continue reading 2nd performance of 44 PLAYS: Another easy Obama victory

44 PRESIDENTS: 1st Audience: Obama in a Landslide

It was our first audience, and a great success - sold out (we turned away a bunch) and a big fat standing ovation at the end. A few tech elements were funky, so we'll continue to finess them over the next few days. For the end where we let the audience decide the fate of … Continue reading 44 PRESIDENTS: 1st Audience: Obama in a Landslide