My cast is the Tom Brady of the American Theatre

So, theater blogs are often accused of just being valentines to themselves (“come see our show,  it’s our funniest and sexiest”)

So, let’s talk about the tougher moments…the ones that define shows. And how my cast is the Tom Brady of the American Theatre.

Saturday’s run of 44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS was fantastic. Everything was right on course.

Then later last night, one of our actresses severely sprained her ankle while out. Now, if she heals quickly, she’ll be able to walk without crutches at the end of the week.

So, what does that mean for a physical, high speed, high energy show?

It means that while our actress can still be in the show, and ultimately she’s fine…many of her more physical roles will have to be reassigned to her fellow actors. It means that after 5 weeks of rehearsing the show a certain way, with a few rehearsals before tech, we need to make changes, and ask the rest of the cast to really step up and absorb new physical things…master what they had, take on more…and pull off that one thing that great actors can do…make each other look good.

For example, one of them will now have to learn to double dutch and act like Obama….so yeah, they’re stepping it up.

But, that’s ok, because my cast is Tom Brady. You know, 199th pick, 4th string guy quarterback who went 1-3 in his first season…(just to be clear, that’s only one more pass than I completed in 2000…and I also directed 5 shows that year, so I was busy)

In his following season, a few games into it, the then current all-star first string quarterback went down, and the coach decided to send Tom in….and well…several Hall of Fame careers began or were cemented on that day.

So, that is our cast…6 Tom Brady’s, who aren’t household names yet, but when injury strikes, will now step it up, strap on their helmets a little tighter and make it seem like asking them to take on more was the easiest decision ever made. (trophy’s and super models are just around the corner for all of them).

The actors have the day off tomorrow – to learn their new lines and their new blocking.

Then we come in on Tuesday and start our run to the Championship.


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