And now a word from the super brave actress that learned to waltz and double dutch on our last day in the rehearsal room. (read: yesterday)


I’ve written before about circumstances in which illness or injury throw a wrench in the works of a show.  Theatre is a field that relies on the good working condition of the body, and while an actor can and must take measures to protect and maintain themselves, accidents are inevitable.  Unfortunately, we encountered such a problem yesterday: Bre, one of the Plays for Presidents cast members, sprained her ankle in a pothole and will need to be off it for at least a week.

The timing of this mishap is pretty tense – it is our last week of rehearsal before tech, and so yesterday’s time was spent reblocking every transition and several scenes.  Anything that relied on Bre moving quickly or in a complicated way, or carrying anything heavy or difficult, had to be changed.  This was hard for the obvious reason – it isn’t exactly cheerful to…

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