Geva staff trains for race

To follow up on Dawn’s post the other day, I wanted to share some additional glimpses behind the scenes, as we prepare for the Eastman House Photo Finish 5K race. This year five Geva staffers, including yours truly, will get up in the wee hours of the morning, make our way to downtown Rochester, and move as quickly as we can from the starting line to the finish line – and earn some donations for Rochester non-profits along the way. In fact, if you want to donate and support our healthy endeavors – for ourselves and for Geva – it’s easy. Go to and either donate to the theatre, or to one of the runners (Pick me! Pick Me!)

Who’s running for Geva? I’m thrilled that one of our trustees, Dawn Borgeest, is on our team! And the staffers include: executive director Tom Parrish, finance director Alana Sansone, communications director Dawn Kellogg, associate director of education Lara Rhyner, and myself. Somehow, George Eastman is on our team too – and unless ghosts are allowed to participate in the race, we’ve got an anonymous runner…who could it be??

Well, those of us who have revealed our identities have been training hard for this race. What have we been doing? See for yourselves…

I went downstairs yesterday to see how Alana was training. She’s practicing the meditative method – Alana claims that it’s the best way to avoid injury while preparing for a race. Nice form, Alana!

Then, I checked in on Dawn, who is also focusing on her mental state. She’s prepping for her incredible speed – and the end of the race. Usain Bolt has nothing on her!


Next, I ran into Tom in his office, training by Think Method, a process he learned when Geva produced The Music Man, back in the spring of 2011. (That’s how Harold Hill claims to teach the youngsters in River City, Iowa to play music…will it work for Tom as it does for Professor Hill?)

Lara, who has just joined Geva’s staff, is preparing for the run in an incredibly smart way – as all educators would – through hydration.


And me? What am I doing? I’m searching for that perfect, inspirational playlist. And I’m going to find it – I know it…


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