Sneak Peek: Set Design: Book Club Play

Our preliminary set design is in for Book Club Play.

We’re looking at putting the audience on stage, so that it has the “petri dish” feel that the show wants….so, our goal for the next few days – how do we get them up there? Who is sitting up there? Exactly what kind of floor, what kind of molding…etc.


It’s a few days of the staff pricing it out, and me working thru the play to make sure it works.

Set Designer Michael Raiford: “Style of room in general is a mix of contemporary and traditional.  “Transitional” as the ladies of the suburbs say. The rug, sofa, and chaise and cubes live in the contemporary world. The Ottoman and Sideboard ( and wallpaper/ wall style) give us our balance.

Key line: ” Your house is…… perfect”.  I have designed a rather simple set hoping that some set money will find it’s way into furniture land.  We will need it!”

Curious what a set designer sends besides a fancy picture – here’s the renderings that the set is actually built from. 


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