The Romney Play

Well, we made it thru a three week run with several sold-out shows….but never performed the Romney play….some nights his people were loud and we got to a 40/60 split, but never enough for us to call it in his favor. I think by the end, even if it was on the fence, the cast would have chosen Romney just to do it – but it just wasn’t to be….

4 years ago we also had an amazing McCain play that we only got to perform for matinee audiences….and on the matinee’s this time Romney was strong, but not strong enough.

So, what would it have been like?

Here’s how it would have gone. This slide would have come up:

…while “My Evil Twin” by They Might Be Giants played….

…then Wetherbee and Dammy would both put on the coat so they looked like a two headed monster.

Them they performed the following play (inspired writing by Genevera Gallo)…


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