Puppets Invade Geva: 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA

(design sketches by Jason Hines)

On October 31st at 7 PM at Geva, we’ll be having in-process reading/showing of a new adaptation of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA created by Geva’s Artist-At-Large Sean Daniels, Center of Puppetry Arts Artistic Director Jon Ludwig and Center of Puppetry Arts Resident Puppet Builder Jason Hines.

This is a project 2 year in the making – which was made possible by funding from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Our workshop will feature Broadway favorite Maggie Lacey (Our Town, Diving The Estate, Inherit the Wind), new play favorite Joel Van Liew as Professor Arronox, and crazed genius Lou Sumrall as the crazed genius Captain Nemo.

The details-Starting on the 28th, we’ll assemble these 3 actors, video equipment, puppets, our senses of humor and a good attitude and start to get the show up on it’s feet.  Basically looking to see if our script works, our video ideas work, our moments of interaction work….and then present what we have on the 31st….

The BIG idea behind it all?

We will take Verne’s novel and turn it into an immersive show for multi-generational audiences. Using a mixture of human scenes and puppet action sequences we’ll strive to recapture the mystery and danger that the ocean represented in 1866. When the novel first came out, it was a sensation because underwater travel was extremely rare and dangerous. The mysteries of the deep were known among scientists and naturalists but not the common reader. We’ll provide a fresh visual adaption of the novel, not just a dramatization.  Also, the audience will be made to feel as though they are aboard the Nautilus, not just watching it safely from their seats.  Actors with bubble machines on their backs (to simulate underwater divers) will move thru the audience at moments – the audience will be aboard this lost submarine.

We will be taking a non-traditional approach to the material in creation and adaptation. It will be a unique visual language that reminds of us the wonder of 1866. There will be fish and other creatures of the deep, but they will not just be colorful realistic versions of themselves.

We believe a clever blending of this world and a human world stays true to the author’s original intent. And really, as long as a giant squid attacks the stage, we’ll all be happy.

Tickets are FREE, October 31st at 7 PM, just make a reservation thru http://www.gevatheatre.org


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