NEXT TO NORMAL: Tech Pics – and meet Googie

Hey lovely readers,

While FREUD is in tech up here, NEXT TO NORMAL is in tech down in Atlanta.

The show, which is a joint production between us and the Tony Award winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Ga. – opens there in a few days and then comes up here in early January.

As you may guess we are full speed here, keeping tabs on one show in our space and one in another. Thankfully, due to the magic of the interwebs, it’s easier than it used to be.

Meet Googie, who will be playing Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine in the show. On how the weekend went, Googie says “It is awe inspiring to see this technical crew piece this show together. There are so many fantastic elements to put in place and they are handling it with great skill.”

In addition to being one of the funniest people I know, he is a true musical theater rockstar and puppetter, so I’m sure he’ll be fantastic in the part. He snapped some pictures of tech down there. So, take a moment and check out Googie with his fabulous co-stars such as Lyndsey Ricketson,

Catherine Porter, and the rest of the fantastic cast that gets here January 8th.


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