Geva looking for community members to be part of creating BOOK CLUB PLAY

Geva is looking for 20 Rochesterians to be part of the process of creating THE BOOK CLUB PLAY at Geva Theatre Center.
These twenty individuals would be given unprecedented access to the creative process – they would get to see first-hand how the process goes from the actors meeting each other on the first day of rehearsal, to actors hugging and cheering each other (and maybe even you?!?) on opening night.

Our 20 new friends would be welcome at all rehearsals (we would love to have them for the meet and greet and runs in the room), technical rehearsals, previews, opening and they would receive rehearsal and show reports daily.
They would have scheduled opportunities to chat with the director, playwrights and actors, to gain a deeper level of understanding.

We’ll find a few post-rehearsal nights for everyone to go for drinks to allow for conversation amongst artists and audiences outside the rehearsal room.

In exchange, they would agree to:

-attend a pre-rehearsal event at the theater, where the process will be talked thru and any and all questions answered. Snacks would be had, drinks imbibed, friends would be made.

-read the script in advance of the project

-attend at least 2 rehearsals a week (length of time is up to them) (Jan. 29th – First Rehearsal
Feb. 23rd – Opening)

-journal about their experience in whatever medium they find the most exciting (written, twitter, facebook), and make these notes available to the Geva staff. We may potentially do something with this material during the show or later.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

If you’re interested in being one of our 20, just shoot me a short written statement about yourself and why you might be interested in such a project – do you think you have the time to commit to be part of the process? Have you never been to the theater before? Do you just wanna learn more? Are you 75? 15? Any and all are welcome.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sean Daniels


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