Update for those of you that have been following our show or supporting it.


We just finished a week long workshop of our 5 person puppet-infused adaptation of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, based on the book by Jules Verne.


The show was created by myself and Jon Ludwig , Artistic Director of the Center of Puppetry Arts and Jason Hines, Head Puppet Builder for the Center of Puppetry Arts.


If you don’t know the Center, they are the largest center for puppetry in North America – and the current home of all of Jim Henson’s Muppets.


So, thru an early grant from the Jim Henson Foundation that allowed some workshops in Atlanta, and a week at Geva’s Festival of New Theater – we were able to polish our first draft, and create a visual language for the show.


Jason and Jon built mock-up puppets and we worked thru the show – previewing material for guest audiences at the end of each day.

We’ll be using hand and rod puppets, video for smaller puppets and underwater sequences and larger puppets for larger moments (read: giant squid attacking the show).


It was our goal to create a multi-generational show – one which you could bring your children – or not – and we feel very excited about finding that middle of the road.


Donors loved it – and small children loved it. My two favorite target audiences.


We have continued work to do on it – but now the path is clear as to what must be done between now and our first rehearsal (wherever that will be), and that’s really the greatest thing to come out of a workshop – a nice clear and long to-do list.


Thanks again to everyone for your support over the past 2 years as we’ve built this show.  Now, we go and try to sell someone on producing the world premiere of it.



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