We’re in the midst of working on the set design for BOB (with set designer Michael Raiford) that will be in the Nextstage this spring.

The show will be starting in Atlanta (with lead actor Dan Triandfilou, a Rochester native, who just won Best Actor in Atlanta – hot, I know) and then coming up here.

We did the show last year at the Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, KY – and are now getting ready to start our second time with it. We’ll be using a similar set design to what we did last time…just trying to improve upon it.

The idea of the set is “what is it that America thinks is once great and then throws away”…we spent a lot of time looking at the Vegas graveyard – where old signs go to die…and what would it mean for a group of actors to start to put that together for a show…

Check out some pics below, from the research pictures we forwarded around to all the designers to the black and white sketches we started with –  to the color sketches – to the finalized production shots that happened at Humana.

Now we’re in the midst of starting the same process, and figuring out what we want to keep and what we want to improve upon.  I’m thinking it will be the same look, just maybe some more mobile units downstage, a few more toys for us to use in staging.

….and really, any show that helps us to justify a trip to Vegas, I think we can all get behind that.



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