Hey team,

We’re trying out some cutting edge technology for Carol.

You can now see a video of Christmas Carol whenever you aim your phone (with a certain app open) at either of our Christmas Carol images – anywhere around town.

The idea is to tap into the relationships people have with their phones.

Try it yourself.

Step One: Get the app.

The app comes in both Apple and Android flavors. You can search the App stores for Theatre Plus Network or follow these direct links:


Here’s a link to the app in the apple store.


and here’s the link to the android version in the Google Play store.


Step Two: Find one of our two ads (they’re here).

Step Three: Open the App and point it at the ad. Once it starts, you can move your phone anywhere and still watch our video.

For future use, this content can be used for videos to accompany our season brochure, donor appeals (aim your phone at our lobby board and have kids from Summer Curtain Call talk to you), or to see rock numbers from NEXT TO NORMAL.

We are still in the early phases of this technology, so please try it out and provide any and all feedback on it.



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