BOB set is getting built!

BOB composite elevationFILE0005-page-001DSC00213The set for BOB is getting built.  Forgotten Vegas is coming to the Nextstage.

Below are the final designs. The set is made up of thrown away vegas signs. Now those would be almost impossible to get – so we’re making our own, and then aging them.

These are pics of what that looks like on paper, and some  pics from the building of this set the last time we did it – for the Humana Festival of New American plays.

It takes real skill to create something that looks like it was once beautiful and now has been tossed aside.

Bob Lamp Layout-page-001We’ll continue to update with pics as we recreate Vegas magic and then dirty it up and leave it in the rain.

We open March 8th at Geva, starring Rochester’s own Dan Triandiflou in the title role!DSC00216DSC00217



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