Life Imitates Art

On Monday night, we held our first Hornets’ Nest reading of the season, a reading of Geoffrey Nauffts’ play Next Fall. The play chronicles the five year relationship between Adam and Luke, and specifically focuses on the conflict between Luke’s deeply held religious beliefs and Adam’s desire for their relationship to mean more to Luke than the requirements (and prohibitions) of his faith. I shared some of the thinking behind the evening (as well as introducing the fantastic cast)  in a post last week. After the reading, the art led us into a provocative, challenging and informative conversation with Jo Meleca-Voigt from Marriage Equality USA, Scott Fearing from the Gay Alliance, and Rod Frohman from Third Presbyterian Church.

stewart and robinsonWhen I got home from the reading, I turned on The Daily Show, and was surprised to see Jon Stewart interviewing Bishop Gene Robinson, the Episcopalian church’s (ok, probably ANY church’s) first openly gay bishop. The conversation between Stewart and Robinson mirrored, in many ways, the conversation in the theatre. If you weren’t able to join us at the Hornets’ Nest, you may find the link below interesting. It’s a link to the whole Daily Show episode that night – the conversation with Bishop Robinson is in the third segment, about 14:30 into the clip.

Jon Stewart talks with Bishop Gene Robinson

Geva’s next Hornets’ Nest is on January 14 – information and tickets can be found on Geva’s website.




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