BOB first rehearsal and first cheat sheet


We are off and running with our first rehearsal of Peter Nachtrieb’s charming new play BOB.  (opens in the Nextstage on March 8th)

Rochester native and “Atlanta Actors of the Year 2012” Dan Triandiflou leads a cast of five that will take on all the characters in this one man’s life. Think “The Jerk” meets “Royal Tenenbaums” meets your charming by odd family at Christmas and you have the wonderful off-kilter world of BOB.

bob3NOW, we are doing the show in Atlanta first, and then it moves up to Rochester. So, how do you block a show for two different spaces?

Great question. You keep a handy cheat sheet with you that shows you both spaces….and here is my cheat  sheet.   My set designer shows this to me. This shows me the NextStage put on top of the space in Atlanta…so, I know when I’m directing something that won’t have to change, and when things will.

Pretty handy, no?

BOB compostite GP-G over A


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