Twitter Summary: Next to Normal

Here’s just some of what Twitter has to say about Next to Normal! Whether you have a Twitter account or not, you can see all the tweets about #gevaN2N here.

n2n program@MCiaccia22: @thegoogie loved #gevaN2N tonight…saw on b’way and you guys are ROCKING it out better than that cast!

@FarFrmParadise: #ROC If you haven’t seen Next to Normal at @gevatheatre yet, GO. DO IT. NOW! Amazing production that keeps #Mentalillness discussion going!

@thegoogie: #gevaN2N Bursting with pride for my buddy Cary Tedder who just found out he is Broadway bound again! Big Fish @ the Neil Simon theater.

@suburbanoutlaw: Probably one of the most hopeful plays I’ve ever seen about…

@thegoogie: #gevaN2N This fake lettuce fell on the front lip of the stage top of Act 1 & no one had the chance to get it. Oops!

@thegoogie: #gevaN2N Disco balls make it look like it’s snowing on stage. Nice!

@TheStrathallan: @gevatheatre Next to Normal was an amazing musical – everyone should see!

@AllieWaxman: Very moved by #nexttonormal at @gevatheatre ! Wonderful show exceptionally executed!


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