Do you read reviews??

n2nGeva’s production of Next to Normal has garnered some great reviews from the Democrat and Chronicle and City Newspaper, as well as other area publications. And people are abuzz on social media, talking about the production. We couldn’t be more proud of the production, of our production crew, of the cast and artistic team, or of our collaboration with the Alliance Theatre, our producing partners on the show. 

Some artists love to read reviews of their work, others abhor it, and go to great lengths to avoid seeing any kind of critical response – positive or negative. After I read the reviews for this production, I started wondering about how the readers of Geva Journal feel about reviews. Personally, I love them – if I agree with the critic, I get to feel smart (“yes, I always knew I was smart – even this fancy critic thinks I’m right”) and if I disagree with the critic, I get to feel superior (“ah…how could he/she possibly understand the subtleties, the significance, etc.”). But what do YOU think? Does a review impact your decision? Here’s a little, unscientific poll – take a minute and share your thoughts!


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