20 community members given unprecedented access to the creation of BOOK CLUB PLAY

cohortHey everybody,

If you don’t know, we’ve started a new program called the “Cohort Club” where we’re giving 20 Rochestarians unlimited access to how we make a play in exchange for them sharing it with their communities.

The theater is in the midst of a giant plan to put artists and patrons at the center of the organization, and this is one of our large first steps.

I think it’s going to be rather revolutionary in how we engage with our audiences, how we communicate artistic success, and how we let our community own the work we do.

I have no doubt that this will be a program that is replicated nationally, and I’m thrilled to be trying it out here in such a supportive and daring community.

Here’s a few of our cohorts already in action:




More as it unfolds!




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