The Book Club Play is starting its second week of rehearsals today, so the cast and cohort club are back from a day off and already diving in again. Maeve Cullinane summarized the first week of the cohort experience on her blog, and it sounds like she’s been having a great time so far:

THE BOOK CLUB PLAY cast in rehearsal
THE BOOK CLUB PLAY cast in rehearsal

I feel that I am being shaped into a Cohort persona known as “Easily Impressed.” I have yet to see anything in rehearsal or hear anything in my conversations with the actors that has resulted in anything other than an outburst of “oh that’s so cool!” I feel 15 again. I do confess that usually it is not actually an outburst, but rather an inburst because at 50 years old I don’t think it’s in my best interest to make those kinds of comments out loud. At least not frequently in one conversation…

So I am looking forward to next week. There are a few things that I know are coming up. The scenes will each be worked through in greater detail. Actors will be off-script more and more. They will see if they can eat lox dip, drink wine and act at the same time; the director mentioned “it might just be a terrific mess, but let’s try it out.”

For details about the cool things Maeve has seen in rehearsal, check out the rest of her post here.


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