Magic, 3-D and Tiny Actors

While Next to Normal and The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs play their final weeks on our stages and The Book Club Play occupies the rehearsal room, exciting discoveries are occupying the minds of the artistic team for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Since my post about the first design meeting, the team (led by directors Mark Cuddy and Skip Greer) has had innumerable conversations about the world of the play, and how the magical forest and the imposing Athenian palace coexist on the stage. Today, scenic designer Jo Winiarski was in the building, and she brought a preliminary set model with her. The set won’t look exactly like this – and, in fact, Jo took the model with her when she left, so even the model will be a little different soon. But this gives you a peek into the world of Geva’s Midsummer

MSND prelim model 6

We had seen drawings before Jo came today, but the advantage of a 3-D model like this is the opportunity to really understand the relationship of each piece of scenery to the others, to see how the drapes frame the space, to explore the amount of foliage in the forest, etc. And, quite honestly, I love the tiny little pieces of furniture and the itty-bitty actors that designers create for their models to help understand the scale of the design.

As I said, a few things will change, but essentially, this is part of the world that Midsummer will live in. Doesn’t it just make you want to explore?

We’ve also seen the costume renderings, and they are fantastic – but to see them, you’ll have to come back another day…


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