Plays in Progress

The blog this month has been all about plays in progress – Sean’s posts from both the rehearsal room and from the theatre have been about the fine tuning that plays go through in production. Karen Zacarias, playwright of The Book Club Play, remarked yesterday to audience members during the Prologue that plays take time to find their rhythm. The Book Club Play has had three other productions in this incarnation (plus a dramatically different script four years ago). And each production has brought the script closer to its final draft – as you may have seen, today’s preview audience will see new lines tonight. And that’s part of the excitement of being in the audience during preview week, when the creative team is making changes to perfect the production.

scriptFor the next few weeks, the Nextstage will be home to BOTH the giant letters for the set of Bob AND three new plays in progress. This series, aptly titled “Plays in Progress” is a vibrant and innovative mix of plays by some of the most exciting playwrights working today.   The three writers this year, Deb Laufer, Mat Smart and Andrew Rosendorf have written intriguing, provocative plays that explore the limits of our dedication, the unreliability of memory and the intricacies of family dynamics. The plays are both timely and universal, and I’m positive we’ll see more from these writers. If you like to be part of something from its very beginning, to see how it grows and changes over time, the Plays in Progress series is the place for you…

This year’s Plays in Progress plays are:

Brilliant Corners by Andrew Rosendorf
Directed by Stuart Carden
Feb. 25, 7pm
Through a series of haunting photographs we are introduced to a down-on-his-luck classical jazz aficionado, his photographer son, and a mysterious memory. As we meet the rest of the family, will new clues solve the mystery or make it even harder to tell fact from fiction? 

Informed Consent by Deborah Zoe Laufer
Directed by Sean Daniels
March 18, 7pm
With genomic breakthroughs happening at breakneck speed, we can learn more about what our futures may hold than ever before. But how much should we know? And who gets to decide? Based on a true story, Deborah Zoe Laufer takes us into the personal and national debate about science vs. belief. 

Tinker to Evers to Chance by Mat Smart
Directed by Sean Daniels
March 25, 7pm
A missing woman, a frantic daughter and an unlikely partnership.  An historic Cubs/Giants game with a poetic double play. The promise of opening day and the romance of games gone by. A new play by Mat Smart about devotion and baseball, and the space where they intersect. 

The plays will be presented in an informal, script-in-hand performance format and are followed by a discussion with the playwright.  Tickets to the readings are free, but due to the popularity of these events, we recommend making a reservation to avoid disappointment. Call Geva’s box office at 585-232-4382 or reserve online by clicking on the play’s title above.


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