Meet Tyler J. Rollinson, who will play John in THE WHIPPING MAN

(this picture is from Tyler’s off-Broadway debut BULLET FOR ADOLF, which was co-written and directed by Woody Harrelson – Tyler is about to become a regular blogger as they get ready to move the show to Rochester.)


“Hello Geva Nation!

I’m Tyler Jacob Rollinson and I’m playing John in The Whipping Man by Matthew Lopez, and directed by Timothy Ocel which will be coming to the Geva Theatre Center April 2nd-28th. The cast has been at Indiana Repertory Theatre (where the Production will run first before coming to Rochester) rehearsing for the past two weeks and we are cooking up an excellent piece of theater for the Geva Nation. We’re heading into the last week of rehearsals before we head into our technical rehearsals and previews. We have been astounded at how many layers and complexities that exist in this play. A constant through line we find ourselves discussing daily is how the characters hold onto secrets and the truths which they withhold from other characters. We’ve explored deeply and discovered a treasure at every stop. Looking forward to bringing this ride to Rochester!”


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