Wanna talk about THE WHIPPING MAN? #gevaWHIP

3bc0b3bb28f34e3cd21df2109439680fTHE WHIPPING MAN by Matthew Lopez at Geva Theatre Center

Saw the show, and wanna talk about it?

About to see the show and wanna see what all the buzz is about?

At intermission and curious how other people have responded?

For the run of the WHIPPING MAN, we’ll be having a month long on-line conversation on twitter with the actors, local and national experts with insight/strong opinions and YOU.

bbc7b4a05d3747d2d30cac7ebd25e92aThey’ll all be talking about the show, issues/thoughts around it, favorite moments, historical questions – whatever the show brings up – wanna join in and see what people are saying?

@gevatheatre #GevaWHIP

Tyler Jacob RollinsonFrom  Tyler Rollinson,


AEAbolitionists_FrederickDouglass_t700to professors from the Frederick Douglas Institute for African and African-American Studies at the University of Rochester


34b4e38637a225f0beea804f69cbef1fto Staff members of the Seward House


speeches_anthonyto Staff members from the Susan B. Anthony House


and artists from around the country.

dubesJulie Dubiner, Associate Director of American Revolutions Project at Oregon Shakespeare Festival


regTo Reggie Edmund, Minneapolis’ hottest up and coming writer of color (and general trouble maker)


We’ll be adding even more people to the conversation as the month progresses, but as you can see, it’s a full assortment of people ready to chat about the show, answer your questions, and ask you questions.

Just use #gevaWHIP on twitter to get in on the conversation.

Extra big thanks to the New York Council For The Humanities, whose generous funding is making this engagement work happen.


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