Week One of rehearsal: In The Bag #gevaDREAM

9Week One of rehearsal is in the bag.

Co-Director Mark Cuddy worked with the lovers doing table work (what are we saying?) and some staging (where are we standing?)











Co-7Director Skip Greer and Music Director Don Kot worked with the fairies to learn the songs, AND Skip started working with the Mechanicals (the comedy troupe in the show) to have them creating their own special brand of comedy. It’s already over the top funny and they’ve only gotten started.

8The props/sets/costumes crews are working like mad to build build build.

Check out this cart Props Rockstar Ian Stillman has been working on:

517564f0-e64c-4661-b533-099c0aa906f5He writes: “Jo Winiarski, scenic designer, wanted a “Tough Hewn” cart for the mechanicals to sit upon and store their tools. For this piece, I used old pallet wood (oak, pine, walnut, and mahogany) along with new material.”

All in all the theater is at full steam as we head towards Week Two of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.


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