Weekend Tech In Pictures #gevaDREAM


cThis past week the cast finished their last week in the rehearsal room (complete with a celebratory toast) and moved into the Mainstage space to tech the show for with “two 10/12’s”.

aThis means that over the couse of 12 hours, the cast gets together for 10 hours to add lights, sound, costumes and adjust to the stage – two days in a row.

2If you can imagine that the actors and the director have 3 weeks to get their part of the process done, the designers only have a few days to test their ideas and implement them into the show.

So, it’s full speed ahead, with quick decisions being made – and lots of moments of actors holding while one of the designers works to create a new scenario or look. As you can imagine, it’s good to bring a good book or magazine for the scenes you aren’t in and are backstage, as it may be a moment before they get back to you.

3All in all, it’s when the “magic” happens – so it’s a thrilling time.

Also, some of our more fit actors use those two hours to go to go to the gym. Unstoppable. 77445 copy


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