INFORMED CONSENT goes to Cleveland




4The past three days, Deb Laufer, myself and Cassie Beck (straight off her Broadway debut in PICNIC) were in Cleveland working on INFORMED CONSENT.

The Cleveland Playhouse is our co-producing partner, which means that once the show closes here (next April), it will travel to Cleveland where it will be remounted.

It is a real testament to the power and quality of this script that it already has two regional theaters lined up to do it, and it’s still in development.

It was really fruitful time as we discovered the scene that’s missing in the show (Deb is off writing it as we speak) and started to bring some clarity to the overall conceit of the show – as in, who are the people telling us this story?

What was Cleveland like? Well, Deb went to her first ever casino, and there was a Condom/Clown Fair happening across the street from the International Children’s Theater Convention, which was next to the theater we were at. You know, sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.




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