Interview: Deborah Zoe Laufer

Deb Laufer talks about INFORMED CONSENT, which she is workshopping this summer, and we are producing the world premiere of next year.


LauferWhere are you from originally? Where are you living now?
I grew up in Liberty, NY – the Catskills. Now I’m living outside NYC.

What first drew you to a life in the theatre and playwriting, in particular?
I was an actor for 15 years, did some standup. Then, when I was pregnant with my first son I realized being out every night wasn’t going to work. Writing stand-up gave me courage to try to write a play. I did, and I was hooked.

What is the first play you ever wrote and has it been produced?
That first play was called MINIATURES, (an hour-long one act) and I got to perform in it with the theater company I belonged to in NYC, Polaris North. It was the thrill of my life. It was produced at a few small theaters after that, including the Wedge at the Hangar Theater in…

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