Meet the young artists of Geva’s Summer Academy #gevaSA

Right now our building is filled with young artists for the Geva Summer Academy.

What’s Summer Academy? Great question it’s “a five-week professional theatre training program for 30 selected young actors, ages 12 to 18, who wish to explore, define and develop the actor in themselves. Open to students of all levels of theatre experience, Summer Academy provides quality training for the beginning actor, as well as advanced level study for the young actor with previous experience.”

Pretty cool, huh?

On the blog we’ll be hearing from several of them as they go thru a truly transformative and exciting summer.

First up is Matt Rittler, who is joining the Academy for the 1st time.

Matt writes “When I first arrived at Geva for the Summer Academy, I already knew some of my friends from Harley, but I didn’t know anyone else, so it was a bit uncomfortable. But as soon as we started the warm up, I felt perfectly at home. We dove right into the numerous activities, and I loved them all! The teachers are so incredibly nice, and they don’t care if you get something wrong. There is no judgement, and this is emphasized a lot. I’ve loved all my classes, teachers, and I’ve made many new friends already in these first two days! I can’t wait for the rest of the summer with Geva!”



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