Sean reports from Scotland #edfringe

Hey friends,

4I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve been working on. I just got back from Scotland and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I also wanted to post it, as it’s one of the projects I’m the most proud of to have been a part of.

1It’s Benjamin Scheuer’s one man auto-biographical musical THE BRIDGE about him losing his father at an early age,  beating cancer by 30, and the inspirational lessons he’s learn from those experiences.

We started early this summer, taking Ben’s songs (he’s a singer/ songwriter) and walking around the Weston Playhouse talking about our fathers and the stories they told us.

Now several workshops, months and EIGHT new songs later we have a show that has premiered and is a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Its playing to packed houses and getting some amazing reviews – a few are below.

You can listen to much of the music here:

If you want to visualize it, It’s show that requires a microphone and a chair, as its Ben performing with 4 guitars.

prologueWe even brought some of our Geva Artistic Engagment to Edinburgh, as we have Ben warm up in the bar before hand. There are sooooo many shows to see (the guide is 600 pages), that it’s hard to get noticed. So, like a pied piper of theater, he plays in the bar before hand, and then when the show starts, the audience follows him in. Prologue with a guitar?

Also, check out the video from our show, it’s got almost 40,000 hits since it was released and started winning awards in France (where all good video awards come from).


We’re continuing to perfect it, and then we’ll bring it back to the States or to London!

“It is so reaffirming to see quality theatre of the magnitude this early in the Fringe season. If you relish the opportunity to drift away for an hour and see someone else’s life for what it is, tough, strong but always loving, then get down to C Nova and meet Benjamin Scheuer, a man who is waiting to cross the bridge with you.”

“A new piece of musical theatre storytelling by a class act that deserves a long international life.”

@SoSoGay_Stage: MUST SEE: ✭✭✭✭✭ for The Bridge by Benjamin Scheuer. ‘Heart wrenching honesty, beautifully crafted music’.

“I speak with no hyperbole when I say that I believe Benjamin Scheuer to be one of the most talented songwriters and performers of our time, and it’s a damn shame that every single one of you reading this hasn’t heard of him yet.”

Top Musical Based On A True Story

“all presented with a charm, openness and humour that protect them from any hint of pretentiousness or preciousness.”

‘The Bridge’ is at once charmingly boyish and disarmingly brutal in its honesty. . Performing their quietly told yet potent autobiographical tale, Ben and his guitar instantly welcome you, like a friend, into an intimate portrait of his frighteningly real story.”



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