Two time Tony Award Winner Creates World Premiere for Geva – wanna see how? #geva?s

gregkotisTwo time Tony Award winner (Urinetown: The Musical) Greg Kotis is creating a World Premiere show for the Geva Conservatory.

ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED will have scenes, songs, and general hilarity as it  premieres in September 19th at the Rochester Fringe Festival.

The Conservatory features students from 3 different colleges coming together to work with the field’s finest and funniest to make a show – one that will most likely go on to have a long life in the American Theater.

Exciting that Rochester gets to make it and see it first, no?

So, how does a Tony Award winner go about creating new music for his show?

Check it out.

Greg writes the scenes the songs would be in – with lyrics.

Check out We’re Screwed, a scene about the president singing about global warming in 2054.

We’re Screwed Scene 7-16-2013

Then Greg records himself singing the songs.

GevaCards-Batch2_4Then he sends it to our Music Director Don Kot, who transcribes and notates them for script.

We’re screwedDK

So, that when the actors arrive they get the music written out, knowing that Don will continue to make more changes as he hears their voices and the instrumentation.

Don’s a bit of a genius in how he can take what Greg has started and make it into something easy for singers and instruments to follow.

Attached is Greg singing some of his new songs – you can also see Don’s transcribing. Everything that goes into place before first rehearsal starts.

Now, this is just Greg in his apartment in Brooklyn, so listen with kindness in your heart….this is just the first step in putting together a new musical…


Then Don:


Greg again….

And it goes on and on until first rehearsal, which is next Tuesday!


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