Hear Some Of Greg Kotis’ Music From QUESTIONS #geva?s

3We are two days into creating the World Premiere of Two Time Tony Award Winner Greg Kotis’ ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.

1It’s been a pretty intense two days, we read thru the show, then cut 4 scenes and added in 5 others….two of which are just titles as Greg goes away to write them, while we rehearse the other ones…

Still, spirits are high as we bring Greg’s special brand of subversive comedy genius to to the stage..yesterday, Greg added a scene titled: AN EXAMINATION OF THE WHOLE PLAYWRIGHT/INSTITUTIONAL THEATER PARADIGM PRESENTED AS SOME KIND OF DANTE-ESQUE HELLSCAPE FANTASIA.

Who doesn’t want to see that?

A few of the pieces that are in it were solo ten minute plays that have been performed before, while most of it is new for this production.  Want to hear some of the music that will be in the show?


Here’s about the catchiest song I have ever heard, it was originally performed by the Apprentices at Actors Theatre of Louisville in 2008.

and another big rousing musical number on reclaiming the American Dream after the financial collapse of 2008 (also originally performed by the ATL apprentices of 2008).

Try getting Grandpa’s Cologne out of your head for the next few days….just try….

Day Three today!


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