Week Three Thoughts from Cohort Betti Abbas #geva?s

970066_10200714939149353_1812106601_n“Saw my first run-through this morning. Nice to put the pieces together. Loved the warm-ups the actors were doing. Actually overheard one group running lines…and thought they were just talking about something that actually happened in their own lives!

I’m thinking the title sets up the wrong expectations…..Show seems more like All Your Answers Questioned…..;-) It is exactly the kind of show I like to see several times…each time you see, hear or think something you missed the first time….and the after-show chat is critical!

We’ll see how I process after I see the next bit….always something new.

Sean’s initial comments for the run-through…..”Aim for the crash, continue going forward, the crash will not be there in 4 seconds.” And….”We will have tons of screaming, attractive people here for every performance. You have to fill the space!”

There really is nothing like live theatre. So lucky to have people willing to inhabit those levels of hell to bring it to us! Thanks folks.” – Betti Abbas


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