Cohort Paul Root reports on our run thru #geva?s

Questions Answered“I saw an early run thru of the play at the beginning of the past week. While there were some jagged edges, I was amazed that in a span of eleven days – from day one when I was present for the first READ THRU of the play ever done with a group — that the director, cast, and crew had put together a RUN THRU with music, comedy, blocking, and complex dialogue quite firmly developed. 

 Theatre is undoubtedly one of the purest forms of the creative process that people can be involved with, and seeing it up close makes it clear why individuals devote their time, energy, and lives to the art form. The heat it generates, the challenges it presents, the fulfillment it offers is very, very difficult to parallel. 

 I look forward to returning to rehearsals in these last ten days before the first public show of “All Your Questions Answered” at the Fringe Festival and seeing what another week of progress brings to the show. Bring yourself and your friends to see the show, to see human performance art which has an element you simply cannot duplicate on a movie screen, a television screen, or a computer screen (not that I don’t love the screen arts, too!) Like a solid short story collection, you may not love every segment of A.Y.Q.A., but you will like many of them, probably love a few of them, and walk away feeling impressed by the nerve, the talent, and the imagination that often can be found on theatre stages.” – Paul Root. 

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