The real mastermind of AYQA revealed! (Spoiler alert: it’s stage management) #roc #geva?s

2Another great cohort blog:

“Yesterday I attended the rehearsal where Sean announced that they were going to make some changes! I can’t imagine what hearing those words would feel like when you have been working on something for 4 weeks and it is 2 weeks to opening…..but it turned out fine. In fact, better than fine….Better. So, I focused on Sean and Stephie as I observed this rehearsal.

3Sean explained the changes, the reason for the changes and ran the actors thought their paces…with nary a peek at notes. How does he keep all of that in his head? How does he remember everything he wants to a relay to the actors? And how does he help them find their inner motivation to keep at it over and over again? (“Hopefully, this is the smallest house you will play. You must be able to fill this house! louder, bigger! Can you make it bigger without being louder?) How does he know the change that needs to be made to make the scene, the act, the actor Better?

1 stephie Stephie is the one who manages everything else! Oh my goodness…she has the answer from the time, to the coffee, to food for breaks and of course all the props and even sound effects.

For example: A flower was added to one of the transition scenes…and during the second run-thru the bloom feel off the stem. No worries….without a comment from anyone, after the scene was over Steph was up on stage with a piece of tape to make sure it never happened again.

Trying to get the right sense of another transition scene, Sean asked an actor if he could do cartwheels (I think, that’s what he asked!) When the actor said “No!” They came up with a plan for a different type of action that required chalk. No worries: Steph knows where Props keep the sidewalk chalk and before the scene ran again, she was upstairs and back down with a box of various colors to choose from!

Sound effects for another scene were hers to run too! All the while keeping track of the details, and probably other things that are not really related to this production.

283_46861145602_3386_n Another great experience watching artists create art for use right here in Rochester…..that will go on and on and on…for others to enjoy as well. Thank you.” – Betti Abbas

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