Cohort notes from tech #geva?s #roc

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_7469-1Cohort Sunday (9/15)

This was a triple-threat theater day for me. I had a run through of Almighty God Bierce (my solo Fringe show), mostly for time, then caught part of today’s tech (from the middle of Refrigerator through the end of the talk back with Greg Kotis [without Greg actually at the other end of the line]), and, finally, Pump Boys and Dinettes. (I think we are the only people who in Rochester who didn’t like it — not my kind of show, I guess.)

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_7773-1I’m pretty familiar with the Questions scenes by now, and I was very pleased with the lighting. There are some excellent lighting choices that reinforce what is happening on the stage (which, of course, is what it is supposed to do). The actors are now solid enough that new things can be thrown in without fazing them.

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8090-1The James-Kara mini-scenes of courtship have been expanded and extended to make a little continuing story tucked into the rest of the show. It’s gotten quite marvelous, and the two of them are really into the story. People are going to love it.

The off stage actors were generally into what was going on on stage. The forms of their engagements were different, which makes perfect sense, since they are different people.

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8197-1Since I snuck in and snuck out I have no words of wisdom from Sean to pass on.

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8249-1ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8446We/they open in three days — this Thursday. It doesn’t look as if I can make it, but Sean has recommended that folks come on opening night. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll see how all the little things that have been done to date come together (and notice that some things have gone away).” – Roger Gans


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