Cohort Review #roc #geva?s

opening“So….the Opening happened. Last night was the night….and what a great time! In the Lobby before the show I saw Sean…all dressed up (I think I even saw a tie!) in a sport coat….pacing! When I mentioned something to him about pacing he said “Yup…nothing left to do now.”

But…I did see on the closed circuit tv screen in the lobby the actors working hard getting the sets and costumes ready. Back and forth and up and down. When you are doing this kind of project…everyone does everything, it seems!

I brought my husband along for the show. He couldn’t already hum the tunes, as I could so I thought it would be good to bounce thoughts with him after the show.

And the result is….we both had a great time. He laughed and smiled and chuckled as I did….over and over. I was happy to see the lighting effects which I had never seen before and realize how much they do add to the meaning of the scene. As well as the sound effects, of course…. which totally enhance the actors facial expressions and body language……”Poison!”

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8090-1On the way home we discussed the various bits….the theme of the theatre arts…where it comes from, where it goes and what it means to be a part of….”We Shall Remain!” And the theme of what in the world is happening in our country anyway….”American Dream” and “Screwed” … and the tenderness of the couple finding love and going through life together…even to the very end. And…the everyday, mundane things that happen…”Refrigerator”…..! Yikes…I had to go home and check those plastic bags after seeing the costumes for that one.

I also have to mention the sheer physicality of this show. Actors who had to fall down, die, convulse, dance….over and over again. And, get up and do it again without letting the audience in on what will happen, until it actually happens. The casting for this was great….all the actors seemed to be naturals for their parts as diverse as they were.

I hope many, many people come out and see this show….during the Fringe and afterward. Get the word out on the college campuses and high schools. Theatre has a lot to offer and really is fun.

As I have said before, thanks again to all of you who work in the various rings of Hell to bring this enjoyment to all of us. And thanks to GEVA for making it possible for us in Rochester to see these new works and be a part of keeping theatre alive.” – Betti Abbas


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