Cohort Review #3 #roc #geva?s

ColinHuthPhoto- CAH_8249-1“Questions Cohort signing off

Saw the finished product tonight. It was the first time I saw the whole thing with all the tech (and a few small changes even as late as this) AND with an audience. The audience loved it, laughter throughout and applause at the end of most of the scenes.

5I never fail to be amazed at now ten kids sitting around a table with a playwright, what amounted to a draft script, a director, (see picture below – SD) and a dramaturg can emerge some weeks later with a finished piece of work that naive audiences can love, even though I have been through a similar process many, many times. Some bits that were put in early survived, other early bits died and were removed. Other bits added much later fit themselves into this now-seamless whole. It’s a study in the virtue of complexity, but complexity that was built up a little bit at a time, and finely tuned. The whole is now, to me, inspired silliness, which I mean as a compliment.” – Roger Gans


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