From The Wings of 39 STEPS #roc #geva39

"On Wednesday night, I had the rare opportunity of seeing a show behind the scenes – literally! I had jumped on this invitation from Geva to get a backstage appreciation of the effort it takes to sustain the energy of a show, and luckily, I was the only visitor this evening. Theresa Campbell, the assistant … Continue reading From The Wings of 39 STEPS #roc #geva39



"Sunday Matinee...the website said the seats were Limited but the rest week is Festival of New Theatre so we took our chances and got seats in the Orchestra left. Not seats I would have picked out myself but not too many bad seats at GEVA. And...tho we missed the grand toss in the second act … Continue reading 39 STEPS COHORT REVIEW

Musicians are Magicians

I'd always thought that, if you wrote a song, that meant you made all the decisions about how it should sound: how fast it would go, which instruments (if any) would accompany the singer - and what notes each one would play, when there would be back-up singers and what harmonies they'd sing, etc. And … Continue reading Musicians are Magicians


"The 39 Steps - Part VII - Tech Talk So in the middle of one of the day’s tech rehearsals, Sean also had to factor in a “thing for the donors.” One of the benefits of supporting Geva at a certain level is a periodic invitation to peek behind the scenes, and this is potentially … Continue reading Tech!!!

What Makes It “Hitchcockian”?

Favorite Hitchcock Themes and Motifs in The 39 Steps Some of these motifs appeared for the first time in this film and established a style and a set of preoccupations that extended over Hitchcock’s career. One of the reasons The 39 Steps, the play, works so well as both an homage and a spoof of … Continue reading What Makes It “Hitchcockian”?