“I realized how important the Scene Shop is” #roc #geva39

1“Today was all about timing and “the chair” for me today. I only saw the first hour and half of rehearsal….but it was the first time for the use of the actual chair that will be used in one part of the show.

Watching this rehearsal, after having seen this scene rehearsed before using a standard office chair, I realized how important the Scene Shop is. GEVA has a well deserved reputation for great…no really, amazing sets. More than once I have heard people say “The show wasn’t to my liking….but the set was incredible.” Any show we go to out of town, we always compare the sets (well the entire experience really) to GEVA

2But, as I watched rehearsal today, the set and all the props that this show demands really hit me. So much of this show could not happen without the creativity of the Scene Shop to go along with the creativity of the actors and the director. What would happen when the rehearsal process says “what if…..” and the Scene Shop just kept saying…”no way” instead of….”we’ll see how we can make that happen?” Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that here. We have Scene artists who display as much creativity as the other artists that are making this show possible.

I mentioned in an earlier post how the Costume Shop also works to create beautiful clothes, but also clothes that work with the actors. After today and my thoughts about the scene and the props, I look forward to seeing how the Costume Shop addresses so many of the challenges that this play presents….I’ve watched a very, very male looking actor change his demeanor and become a “wife” and I can’t wait to see what THAT costume looks like!

IAnother not-to-be-missed show created by GEVA just for us in Rochester. Thanks and good luck as this play continues to come together.” – Betti Abbas

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