Hornets’ Nest Reading Series Returns Dec. 2 #GEVA

Geva’s nationally recognized program of thought-provoking theatre begins Monday, December 2. Few experiences can ignite a great conversation like a thrilling night in the theatre. The Hornets’ Nest series has theatre-goers itching for that conversation. The Hornets’ Nest series of script-in-hand readings with professional actors and directors returns with plays investigating the most difficult and … Continue reading Hornets’ Nest Reading Series Returns Dec. 2 #GEVA


“Truly one of the best and most amazing experiences I have ever had.” #roc #geva39

For 39 STEPS, two of our community cohorts were high school students. Here's a journal entry from Maria Albanese, from Kendall. She's a theatre student in the Monroe-2 BOCES New Visions Program, a college/career exploration program. "Backstage Journal On November 9th, 2013 I was able to go back stage and see the production of 39 … Continue reading “Truly one of the best and most amazing experiences I have ever had.” #roc #geva39

“Another shout out to the props and scene shop” #roc #geva39 #2amt

"Just when I thought my GEVA Cohort learnings were done, I read Frank's show review and realized something else. While this surely is not be true for every show, for this show, the work in the scene shop and the props dept never stop. Nearly every report has something about either the set construction or … Continue reading “Another shout out to the props and scene shop” #roc #geva39 #2amt

Creating Community, Developing New Plays

I cannot decide which story to tell, as I think about Geva’s Festival of New Theatre, which ended just Sunday. Do I tell the story of collaboration and creativity that happens in the rehearsal room? Do I tell the story of new plays out in the world, or of 5 teenage writers who had their … Continue reading Creating Community, Developing New Plays

Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight #roc #geva39

"I finally had the luxury of sitting out front, with friends and family (I went not only with my husband, but his sister, and our friends/neighbors Eric (a Geva first-timer), and his wife Kathy), happily part of a sold-out performance. Watching the play unfolding, I was reminded of the opening number in A Funny Thing … Continue reading Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight #roc #geva39

“The 39 Steps” rises to hilarious Hitchcock heights at the Geva Theatre Center

“The Geva Theatre Center’s production of The 39 Steps is an exercise in acrobatic hilarity and is enjoyable for even the most casual of Hitchcock hobbyists. Every breath and step the four actors take is just more space for another wink or allusion to the director himself. Like the Master of Suspense’s movies, each scene is filled with so much detail and so many references that it’s worth seeing it multiple times to catch everything. If you blink, you might miss out on all the fun.”

Green Room Reviews

The 39 Steps

Who Geva Theatre Center

Where 75 Woodbury Blvd., Rochester, NY

When Through November 17th

Tickets $45-$56

Review by Nick Reichert


The very mention of his name raises the hairs on the back of necks everywhere. One’s mind immediately flips through a montage of memorable scenes from the iconic British film director’s thrill inducing canon. Whether it’s a flock of birds stalking a young blonde or a woman taking a shower with a ominous shadow lurking just behind the curtain, Alfred Hitchock’s various visual moments have been imprinted on our cultural DNA.

The 39 Steps, by Patrick Barlow, is a comedic melodrama that converts aspects Hitchcock’s films from unquenchable fears to non-stop laughter. The play loosely resembles the plot of the Hitchcock film of the same name  in which a dashing bachelor is accused of murder while trying to defend the country from foreign enemies. But any…

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