“Another shout out to the props and scene shop” #roc #geva39 #2amt

“Just when I thought my GEVA Cohort learnings were done, I read Frank’s show review and realized something else. While this surely is not be true for every show, for this show, the work in the scene shop and the props dept never stop. Nearly every report has something about either the set construction or the props that needs to be attended to.

This morning it was “Welcome back, Nils. Can you take a look at the train trim and the wall track? No big, but probably ready for a little maintenance.”

Probably ready for a little maintenance? Of course, when you think about it. These sets have to endure a lot in the show, but they are not made for permanence….so I guess that must mean “a little maintenance” quite frequently throughout the show.

So here’s another shout out to the props and scene shop folks who not only make amazing things in the beginning but keep them working throughout the run….while at the same time working on creating the new magic for the next show. Huzzah!” – Betti Abbas




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