Oh, I love it when the set models come in, and you can really start to imagine the physical world of the play. Rob Koharchik has designed a beautiful set for John Cariani‘s play Last Gas, which starts rehearsals in a mere 10 days. Here’s a sneak peek!

Last Gas model

The play takes place in a convenience store in northern Maine, and the apartment above the store, where three of the characters live. The sign to the left of the building, which you might not be able to read, says “Paradis’ Convenient Store. Last Gas, Last Food, Last Phone for Forty-One Miles.” 

Last Gas model downstairs

One of the things I love about this model is just how realistic that store is. The food, the boxes, the magazines, the pizza display case, the floor with its odd tile pattern, which makes me think that the floor has been repaired several different times, but patched, not fully replaced. I can picture Nat, his father Dwight and son Troy manning the shop, especially in the dark, dark Maine nights.

And then, upstairs, the living room feels so spare, so simple.

Last Gas model upstairs

In less than two weeks, when the actors arrive, director Skip Greer will use this model to help the cast envision the set, as they begin working in Geva’s rehearsal hall.

The costume shop has already begun working on costumes – I’ll share the designs for a few of those shortly…


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