Hellooooo Rochester! It’s Aaron Muñoz – actor, (now writer), and lover of snow covered vistas – I guess I came to the right place!  I’ll be dropping in from time to time to tell you about our next Geva Mainstage show, LAST GAS by John Cariani.

We’re heading into our second week of rehearsal; the cast and creative team couldn’t be more awesome or excited.  Rehearsals commenced on Saturday, working with John (the playwright) before he had to depart for his next adventure.  What do you do on those first days?  For LAST GAS – we did a good amount of table work. We read the play, and then went through it again asking questions. John added some lines and took away some words.  Sometimes, a punctuation mark was moved.  I know, it may sound a little too …academic.  It’s not.  It’s a blast to explore and ask those questions.  The rehearsal process is there to discover the reasons why we say the words & how we speak them.  (A side note – the Maine accent – as described by John isn’t SUPER prevalent in upper Maine.  You’ll notice the “O” as in “sorry” or “no” are a little…Canadian.  But then, aren’t we all?  I mean, who doesn’t like maple syrup!? I digress…) Okay, back to table work. To use some baseball speak (the Red Sox are the team in Maine) we’re currently in the batting cage and taking some cuts – making sure our fundamentals are sound before we start taking the field.


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