Neither snow nor sleet…


The windchill is below zero, and there are nearly two feet of snow on the ground. But that won’t stop the Geva staff and the creative team for Last Gas from making some hot theatre inside! (I watched the last run-through in the rehearsal hall last night, so I can tell you – it’s worth coming out in the snow for!) Here’s Kris Stengrevics, Geva’s facilities manager and all around savior, making it possible…

Last Gas set 1

And inside, Geva’s scene shop is heating things up in the Wilson Mainstage, as director Skip Greer, the actors and the rest of the design team are set to arrive in the next few minutes to begin tech. Aaron Munoz shared some photos of the set in process already this morning, but he hasn’t seen it like this yet…

And below, scenic designer Rob Koharchik consults with Geva’s technical director Jason Hawkes.

Last Gas set 3


One thought on “Neither snow nor sleet…

  1. I actually got to help on the set…it is full out real construction..amazing experience with a set crew who was wonderful to work with.

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