Informed ConsentDEBFor the set of INFORMED CONSENT – we wanted to find a way to mix the classic with the modern. To reflect the idea that these stories we tell have been told for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and yet to us they feel new, dangerous, and that we’re heading into uncharted territory.

(also recognize the person in the rending – it’s playwright Deb Laufer!)


We were incredibly inspired by the trip we took to the Grand Canyon to visit with the Havasupi – and how just the walls of the Grand Canyon showed us the years and millions of stories that had come before hand.

Set Designer Michael Raiford and Lighting Designer Brian J Lillienthal have been working to create just that feel – a place to tell these stories that seems ancient, and a place that feels very modern, very cutting edge. Stories that have been told over and over again for generations and yet feel like we’ve never been here before.

Can’t wait to get started.

Want to see the actual renderings and ground plan? Click on the links below:

Informed ConsentredFILE0001 FILE0002-1 FILE0002 FILE0003-1 FILE0003 GEVA GP



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